At Macef to discover green ideas

At Macef to discover green ideas

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A great place to discover green ideas is Macef, the scheduled fair from 6 to 9 September in the pavilions of the Rho exhibition center (Milan). Macef and the International Home Show and the benchmark when it comes to Furniture & Decoration, Table & Kitchen, Gift is Silver, which are traditionally the four reference areas of the event. The fifth and new area is Bijoux, dedicated to the person, to whom from this edition of Macef (the 93rd) was given a more precise and defined impression.

The organizers of Macef they tried to create something different from a simple exhibition: a crossroads of experiences, a forge of products but, above all, of always new and original ideas. That is why the fair also offers the opportunity to test green evolution and the environmental sustainability of everything related to home design.

There sustainability has a prominent place a Macef. The exhibition "Stories of sustainable things ", curated by architect Marco Migliari, is not by chance one of the many attractions of the International Home Show. An appointment that is renewed without giving up its original spirit: the will to highlight the best examples of environmental sustainability related to the home and interior design. Virtuous projects that Macef aims to make the most of it by transforming them into models to follow.

It should also be noted that Macef - International Home Show for the first time enters an important collaboration with SBID - Society of British Design, the leading English association representing the highest educational standards in development and in the international scale sustainability for design and production. Thanks to this important partnership, just a Macef the awards ceremony of the SBID International Design Awards, the exclusive contest aimed at interior design, architects and companies in the sector from all over the world.

TO Macef the appointment with "Creations", one of the most successful sections of the fair, an area devoted to excellence, to the discovery of original, trendy products, avant-garde in form and production processes. "Creations" is a cornerstone of the event and one of the most awaited moments by insiders to discover the liveliest talents of craftsmanship and design, in a kind of "Talent show" style, creative genius and attention to detail.

"Creations" gave birth to two collateral sections of Macef. The first is "Young Creations", which involves producers, artisans and artists under the age of 35 who work with a contemporary inspiration. The second is “Creations Design", aimed at emerging professionals, to give them the opportunity to expand contacts and relationships and (above all) to increase their business.

Macef takes place from Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 September (from 9 to 18.30) in the pavilions of Fiera Milano in Rho - Strada Statale del Sempione. Info: +039.02.4997.6144

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