Retrofit, convert the car into an electric vehicle

Before scrapping your car to buy an electric one you have thought about electrical retrofit? Scrapped in favor of electric power inevitably entails a non-negligible waste problem, among other things electric cars they still cost a lot. As of January 2013, the Italian government will launch an incentive plan that provides a bonus of 5,000 euros on the purchase of a electric car. The government's strategy has been heavily criticized because it does not incentivize conversion of conventional cars in electric vehicles, a practice that would greatly benefit local auto-workshops and would restore some vigor to the mechanical sector in Italy.

Today we talk about Electric retrofit, the technological method to convert the fuel car into a electric car. The retrofit is a simple operation and has a variable cost between 5-10 thousand euros. What does the Electric retrofit?

The engine, tank, tailpipes and cooling system are removed and replaced with a electric motor direct current and a series of rechargeable batteries. The dismantling of the previous plant and the mechanical part costs about 1,000 euros. The installation of the new engine involves an expense ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 euros. Then there is the electronic part to be installed at an expense of up to 4,000 euros and the labor that is around 1,000 euros. Finally, the batteries to be assembled with a cost of about 4,000 euros. With a cost of 10 thousand euros, the old car can be transformed into an ecological, efficient and economical vehicle whose cost will be repaid over time. It is worthwhile to convert your car into aelectric car? If the old mechanical components can be sold as a "good used”The expense could be partially recovered.

The electrical retrofit, advantages and disadvantages
Although the conversion to electricity proves to be expensive but the investment is almost quickly recoverable, in addition to the resale of mechanical components, you can count on some certainties such asstamp exemption for 5 years, insurance reduced to 50% and zeroing of maintenance costs for cutting, candles, oil and filters. The only disadvantages are the limited range (about 100 km with a full tank) and the poor distribution of refueling columns on the national territory.

It is good to remember that a full tank in one electric car costs about 2 euros, with a full tank of electric you buy just a liter of petrol!

Electrical Retrofit and Italian bureaucracy
At the moment, in Italy, it is not yet possible to homologate the vehicle converted from thermal to electric. For approve a car obtained from a retrofit in Italy there are many problems of a bureaucratic nature. Problems solved thanks to the German opening! Currently you have to go through the TUV, or the German certification body, and then bring everything back to Italy.

When will the situation change?
Within the development decree, which should soon be definitively approved by Parliament, there are two amendments that will make the homologation of the auto retrofit.

There are many conflicting opinions: on the one hand the car manufacturers do not approve, but then there are those who emphasize the merits of this practice. In this perspective it will be possible to recover the fleet in circulation, with the consequent reduction of the waste produced and of the emissions generated by the disposal and recovery of their components.

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