How to read the photovoltaic Enel meter

How to read the photovoltaic Enel meter

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All the energy produced by a photovoltaic system it is fed into the network and then re-collected for its own consumption. This operation generates credits that will be further remunerated by the GSE. This remuneration is fiscally configured as if it were a sale and is represented by the "Energy bill”.

The quantities of energy injected and withdrawn, measured by the two meters installed (production meter and exchange meter), determine the amount of the contribution on the exchange account and the consequent economic settlement of the "Energy Account". But how does the reading the Enel meter in the exchange on the spot? Here's how to read the photovoltaic Enel meter. Meter reading By pressing the reading button, the first data that can be deduced are the customer number and the current time slot.

The following data are:

  • the instantaneous power reading, i.e. the kilowatts drawn at that moment
  • the reading of the powers drawn and recorded by the meter
  • the reading of the power withdrawn in the current billing period for the previously identified bands
  • the reading of the power taken in the previous period (last reading)

On the other meter will follow the data of the powers entered and in this case the production ofphotovoltaic system.

How to read the photovoltaic Enel meter. The incentive
This measurement represents the incentive of "Energy bill"By the GSE.
The incentive is paid on all the energy produced by thephotovoltaic system installed, not only on the excess that we pour into the electricity grid. The incentive is not paid by ENEL, even if it is deducted from the bill, but by GSE, the National Energy Services Manager. In the case of a positive balance (that is, we have produced more than we have consumed), the GSE does not pay us, but puts the extra energy produced on credit for the following year.

Which of your appliances consumes the most?

If you were wondering how to read the enel meter to trace the real-time consumption of an electrical appliance, know that the enel meter is not the only way. A more reliable way to know the actual consumption of a device is to use a wattmeter, a device that can be bought in shopping malls at a price of 20-30 euros.

On Amazon, an efficient Power Consumption Meter is offered at a price of € 15.13 with free shipping. With this device it is possible to measure the electrical consumption of a single household appliance or of several devices connected to the Meter with a multi-socket.

The use is simple: just hook the appliance to this appliance and then fix it to the classic household electrical socket: on the device display will be identified electrical consumption in watts and an approximate conversion to economic consumption with the actual price of the electricity required by that appliance. device.

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