IRISnotes: the hybrid pen that writes digital

IRISnotes: the hybrid pen that writes digital

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IRISnotes 2 it's a digital pen which allows you to write and draw by hand and retrieve, in one click, the text in electronic format. Ideal for keyboard refractories, this object is perfect for those who love to write and want to keep their notes: thanks to the functions of acquisition and conversion of texts, IRISnotes 2 transfers your messages to current e-mail.

How is this possible, how does it work? IRISnotes 2 it is a simple object with advanced technology. The pen integrates a writing sensor capable of storing up to 100 pages of text. Once the notes have been taken, simply connect the sensor to the computer and the latter, thanks to the patented software IRIS, will be able to convert the text into the desired format. Ideal for students or journalists, IRISnotes 2 it is also an excellent solution for companies during internal meetings.

IRISnotes 2 is a simple and intuitive solution to copy and convert your manuscripts into digital format in a snaphe said Nicolas Moies-Delval, Communication & Marketing Manager of IRIS -. The software interprets the user's handwriting who will only have to use it or share it in the form of an electronic document or e-mail. IRISnotes ™ 2 is capable of converting any type of writing into a digital file! "

Two versions. IRISnotes Express 2, ideal for those who always have little time, allows you to quickly store handwritten notes (keeping the type of writing) and convert them into editable text in Word, Outlook and Notepad formats. IRISnotes 2 Executive allows you to retrieve your manuscripts directly on your iPhone or iPad and make them immediately shareable via e-mail. You can also write texts on photos taken with iPhone or iPad and share them, in one click, on Facebook or Flickr, wherever you are.

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