WEEE in prison: new job opportunities from the web

WEEE in prison: new job opportunities from the web

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The project WEEE in Prison, which employs 11 people in criminal execution in the dismantling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), lands on the web and offers new job reintegration opportunities. On the occasion of "Deal with the environment", the green fair that opens on Wednesday 26 September in the historic center of Ravenna, the new website is presented.

The portal is not only used to raise awareness of the project's activities, but is above all an opportunity for social reintegration both for some inmates in the prisons of Bologna, Ferrara and Forlì, and for other prisoners in the same territories. In this initial phase, the role of webmaster was entrusted, with the updating of the site's content (equal to 20 hours / month for each operator), to two people who carry out sentences outside prison.

After an experimental phase financed by the Emilia Romagna Region with the European Social Fund within the community initiative Equal "Pegaso", the project WEEE in Prison officially started three years ago. Thanks to the collaboration between public and private entities, 11 disadvantaged people in criminal execution were employed in the dismantling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in the laboratories managed by social cooperatives Gulliver, IT2 is The Sprout respectively in Forlì, Bologna and Ferrara.

From this experience was born the initiative for the web which found the support of the Emilia Romagna Region and the financial support of the Provveditorato of the Penitentiary Administration of Bologna, of the consortium for the management of WEEE Ecolight and of Hera spa.

Training agencies Techne Forlì-Cesena is Cefal Bologna they take care of the training of inmates who deal with the management of the site's contents, also offering free IT support. "In perspective, we intend to involve three people in criminal execution, one for each territory, not only for the mere updating of the site, but motivating them in a role of responsibility in spreading the value of the project and in proposing new social communication initiatives" , has explained Lia Welcome, Director of Techne, the agency entrusted with the coordination of the project.

It is important to identify effective solutions and paths to promote and increase the social and work inclusion of detainees and to an alternative extent - he explains Pietro Buffa, regional supervisor of the Penitentiary Administration of Emilia Romagna -, in addition to the fact that a detention characterized by a work commitment has less destructuring and actually more empowering consequences for the people who live there ".

The portal will be presented on Friday 28 September during the Labecamp non-conference scheduled in the Pink room of the Cappello hotel (via IV Novembre 41, Ravenna) from 10 to 17.

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