Royal Caribbean, guinness ships ... of sustainability

Royal Caribbean, guinness ships ... of sustainability

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Industries around the globe are facing various environmental challenges, the main one being energy consumption. The sector of cruises is no exception. Companies are wondering how minimize the impact on the environment and some have already put plans in place energy efficiency. So the Royal Caribbean began to reduce the energy consumption and has become a leader in the use of new high efficiency technologies. Innovation characterizes all Caribbean ships that boast energy strategies such as thin film solar panels, turbines for cleaner fuels and hydrodynamic measures that minimize energy expenditure.

Ships from Guinness in the strict sense of the term: ships Royal Caribbean are certified in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ships in the world and not only. There Royal Caribbean offers ships that are unique worlds to discover: ice skating rinks, surf-riders, climbing walls and other unmissable gems. A cruise ship Caribbean it's a whole world to discover. Breathtaking furnishings, swimming pools, gyms, golf courses ... but how much does it costenvironment all this?

The engines of such large ships produce a lot CO2in addition, even when they are docked at the port, the cruise ships, they need to keep the generators running for the production of electricity in the internal rooms. The problem becomes much smaller if you use them on board solar panels and high LED lights energy saving and this is the strategy implemented by Royal Caribbean. Another problem involving the world of cruise ships is the production of waste and the management of waste water, not always treated properly mainly due to poorly defined legislation. To meet environmental needs, the Royal Caribbean can boast of having inaugurated one technology which allows the processing of waste water directly on board. There Royal Caribbean has also thought well about the production of waste by applying one of the basic principles of environmental sustainability: reduction, reuse and recycling.

So the Royal Caribbean has maximized the efficiency of every step taken on board its ships: the amount of material used is reduced by almost completely eliminating packaging and using more sustainable resources. For example, in 2010 the Royal Caribbean, for on-board hygiene, it used sustainable products with a neutral pH. All room cleaning detergents are biodegradable and do not threaten the marine ecosystem. There is no shortage of plans recycling and above all, there is no shortage of projects eco-friendly. With the recycling of 5,400 mattresses, in 2010 the Royal Caribbean has managed to commission large donations for non-governmental organizations.

The commitment that the Royal Caribbean has shown for the environment it has much deeper roots. In 1992, when the concept of energy efficiency was still too far away, the company of cruise ships has well thought of developing Save the Waves, program that aims at environmental protection through generous donations to more than 60 organizations engaged in environmental Protection.

The four ships of the class Millennium Celebrity Cruises of Royal Caribbean, were the first four to be equipped with gas turbines so you can use more fuels clean and emit less nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter. THE fuels cleaner isn't the only Royal Caribbean energy strategy it can show off thin film solar panels installed on the upper floors of the Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Eclipse, Allure of the Seas and other cruise ships.

The clean cut of emissions is palpable but there Royal Caribbean it hasn't stopped improving. In addition to improving the engineering part (hydrodynamics, propellers, hulls…), a big one energy saving will be given by the optimization of on-board HVAC systems. The innovation of Royal Caribbean ships is an excellent ally for the environment but also for the passenger. Sure, there are multiple trips sustainable but if you want a cruise, it is better to rely onenergy efficiency.

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