Eating Organic in Rome is easy!

Eating Organic in Rome is easy!

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On smog days, perhaps it would be better to fast! Do you know how many kilometers your food travels before being served on the table? At CO2 emissions for transport, those produced by pesticides and chemical agents must be added non-organic crops.

Industrial crops produce food to the detriment of the environment and sometimes even human health. To overcome this problem, thebiological agriculture. Retrieve biological food it's not always easy unless you live in Rome! Here a dense network of the biological! Restaurants Biological, organic producers but also buying groups, agriculture suntenable, ethical finance and green building. can be considered the Roman biological news aggregator.

Organic Rome aims to promote the dissemination ofbiological agriculture in Rome with the activation of a dense territorial network that connects traders, producers and consumers. The concept of short supply chain is the basis of the approach of Organic Rome, so, on smog days, you can not only eat lightly but also with the awareness of having helped to relaunchlocal economy.

Not only organic food, there is no shortage of natural products of cosmetics, household goods, clothing and everything that is virtuous. The news aggregator bio has collected a list of over 80 themed shops scattered throughout the Roman territory. THE organic shops are flanked by Organic Restaurants where you can have lunch and dinner in full health.

Manufacturers and traders of organic products they can contact the portal to join the Network but Roma Biologica is a resource especially for conscious consumer, the one who is not satisfied with junk food and who desires ahealthy eating for a healthy body and mind.

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