NAU! Frames for glasses at no cost

Nau! offers free eyeglass frames. The Nau! Brand is young, made in Italy and eco-friendly. Nau! offers the public the first and only collection of FramesYou do not pay, the only condition is to have to present the prescription from the ophthalmologist.

The collection is called Zero Price and consists of a wide range of eyeglasses. To characterize this collection is not only the "free"​, Price Zero frames by Nau stand out for their minimal design. The essential structure of the frame is made with environmentally friendly raw materials: Recycled plastic. The frames are available in a large variety of colors. The result is a versatile, ergonomic and attentive toenvironment.

When you buy glasses you face a double expense: on one side the lenses and on the other the frames. Nau! It offers it free for 365 days a year and the promotion does not seem to have an expiry date. The Nau! it is not new to Environmental and social responsibility. The packaging of its products is SustainableIn addition, the company was the protagonist of a project that involved inmates in the prisons of Trani and Lecce.

The project led to the birth of the Nau eyewear line, Made in Carcere. A bizarre name that makes it ideal: the eyeglass cases were made by the women inmates using waste fabric. The cases for glasses Nau! can be purchased at a more than affordable price, € 4.90. Economical for our pockets, light for the environment and strong social impact.

"This project, which is a happy meeting between fashion and social commitment, brings attention to the environment to an even higher level: no longer only towards what surrounds us but also towards people who deserve a second chance".

Photo of the Nau - Made in Carcere cases

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