In Copenhagen, the universal park of diversity

In Copenhagen, the universal park of diversity

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What does the urban redevelopment? The answer comes from the architects of BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group, flanked by famous landscape architects, who have created a large urban park in the heart of the multi-ethnic Norrebro district in Copenhagen, the “Superkilen". The park contains a sort of large container of good practices that come from 60 different countries.

Lamp posts, bins, exercise equipment, benches from different countries are the furnishing elements that characterize the 750 meters of surface of the multi-ethnic park. Inside there are three different areas, characterized by three different chromatic shades: green, red and black. In the red area, the flooring is in pink rubber dotted with a series of red maples, which recall their colors. Here, benches from Brazil alternate with cast iron baskets from the United Kingdom. In the center, a Thai boxing ring, available to everyone.

In this area there are sports attractions created with simple and basic materials that have given life to original games and at the same time rich in meaning, such as the constructions made available by city ​​of Chernobyl, the bamboo climbing frame supplied by India and a series of swings from Iraq. There is no shortage of table tennis tables from Spain and picnic benches from Armenia.

The red area is characterized by a space entirely dedicated to culture and reflection, social play, in the shade of Japanese cherry trees and Lebanese cedars. There are Brazilian tables, board games, where you can play while comfortably seated on the Belgian wrought iron benches.

You can cool off thanks to the Moroccan gushing fountains. The racks on which to park the bicycles they come from Norway. The green area is an immense space where you can play outdoors and where there is an artificial hillock to frame it. An area that has cycle paths and pedestrian paths to move in complete safety. In this area comes the Italian contribution that provided a large design chandelier consisting of recycled material.

The secret of the success of this park lies in the respect and education shown by all users of the park, from children to young people to adults, who immediately reserved all its components, without damaging or stealing the objects that make up the park. 'Street furniture. An example of responsible civilization that accompanies the message that the park itself represents.

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