ILumi, the colored LED can be controlled with the smartphone

ILumi, the colored LED can be controlled with the smartphone

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iLumi represents the latest generation of a low energy consumption. It was officially presented this week and brings a breath of fresh air to the home environment, first of all, the ability to be managed remotely using a smartphone application.

What good is a light bulb that you control with smartphone?
You have just finished dinner and you decide to leave the dining room to move to the living room, you sit on the sofa, turn on the TV when you remember you have forgotten the light on! At this point, just rummage in your pocket, take your smartphone and turn off the lights! This example is truly lazy! A more functional and practical case can happen to the most obsessive and forgetful ... how many times do you leave the house wondering "will I have forgotten something?“, With iLumi you can at least make sure you have turned off the lights!

The iLumi headquarters is located in Dallas, it is a start-up active in lighting technologies and systems. The star-up described iLumi as the led lamp smartest in the world and I just don't feel like blaming her: iLumi it is customizable, it exploits LED high energy efficiency with HyperLux technology, it is extremely bright and also multicolor. To allow remote control is bluetooth technology.

With iLumi, the wall switch will not be the only way to control home lighting. With the remote control it will be possible to set on and off automations and even tune the lighting system to the stereo system so as to create an environment in tune with the music we listen to and therefore with our mood. Not bad right?

iLumi is available in 60 and 100 watt versions and thanks to the aforementioned technology HyperLux it will be possible to customize the home lighting with numerous shades of color. The life cycle of iLumi is quite long, if you are lucky, you can change 4 light bulbs within a lifetime, since each device lasts approximately 20 years!

Video: RGB SpotLight E27 7W LED Lamp 220V Colorful Bulb Light With IR Remote Control (July 2022).


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