No pesticides on my plate

No pesticides on my plate

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If you use pesticides for the care of your plants, prepare to quit. THE pesticides seriously damage theenvironment and cause damage to human health, especially the central nervous system: i pesticides they damage memory and slow down thought processes.

We know well that i pesticides they are lethal in fact they are used as toxic agents to exterminate or drive away insects. What was previously unknown is that exposure to low levels of pesticides can cause brain damage. This was the conclusion of an analysis conducted on 14 separate studies. The analysis was completed by a collaboration between theUniversity Collage London and theOpen University. The researchers studied data collected on 1,600 participants and found strong connections between memory impairment and exposure to low levels of pesticides.

Dr Sarah McKenzie Ross, clinical psychologist and honorary member of University College London, said that now more than ever, new rules need to be introduced for safety of all workers who work in contact with i pesticides, these are not only used in agriculture but also in farms and as a basis for aviation fuels.

The study reports clear evidence: even low-level exposures pesticides cause damage. Classic brain processing processes slow down and even memory can be compromised. The study was published in the journal Critical Reviews in Toxicology, and examined 14 studies that collected data from 1,600 participants. Using a statistical method, Dr. McKenizie Ross and her colleagues concluded that there is a real need to define new security measures and to initiate adequate information campaigns.

Six fertilizers they are powerful greenhouse gases, pesticides are real poisons released into the air. Unfortunately pesticides is fertilizers they often end up on our plate even if according to official data provided by Arpa, ASL and regional public offices, the outlawed samples are only 0.6%, the rest of the controlled foods do not exceed the legal limit for chemical substances. However, the number of different chemical substances present at the same time on the same sample increases, harmful to the health of consumers. One more reason for eat organic.

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