LED bulbs

With the advent of LED technology field workers of lighting have adjusted the market proposals. At the forefront is the Philips with its bulbs a LED. Technology LED ensures a big energy saving an example of this are the EnduraLED lamps that propose to replace the old 60 watt incandescent bulbs. EnduraLEDs provide 806 lumens and use only 12 watts of power. With the spread of the LED prices have become more competitive but many still consider them too high.

A Philips L Prize lamp requires only 10 watts of power and provides the same brightness offered by a conventional 60 watt bulb with 940 lumens. Durability is also promising with over 30,000 hours of brightness. This kind of LED bulb costs around 50 euros. An acceptable price considering the savings generated. Unfortunately, the convenience of LEDs is not a notion that has entered the public collective and prices are still considered too high. Even worse if we talk about the very latest LED technologies.

Once again let's take the Philips brand as an example. Philips recently announced the release of a new LED bulb, the A-19. This bulb emits light of various shades for 830 lumens, it can replace the classic 60 watt bulbs while consuming only 11 watts of power. The bulb will be available in white color temperatures, such as daylight or in a softer shade. The bulb exceeds all the psychic standards proposed by Energy Star and this month it was presented in New York. Its marketing is scheduled for early 2013 but some might consider the price to be quite prohibitive.

There Philips it is not the only house to offer itself aggressively on the market with LED technology. The Osram Sylvania company of Massachusetts has launched a LED bulb which with only 20 watts of power can replace the old 100 watt light bulbs very well. According to the LED MAGAZINE, this bulb will cost no more than 40 euros. The Osram Sylvania LED bulb will emit 1,600 lumens and will be able to illuminate rather large rooms.

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