Province of Sassari green example

Province of Sassari green example

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An example of green economy? There Province of Sassari. If the rest of Italy had done the same as here in recent years, the whole country would be better off. Did what? For example, involving all but all the municipalities of the provincial territory, unique in Europe, in the implementation of the so-called Covenant of Mayors.

And then draft the Countries, Action plans for sustainable energy, for each of its 66 municipalities in North West Sardinia. Enviable result, how did you manage it? Working in full harmony with local authorities and their technicians, and offering itself as a support and coordination structure. That is, doing what a province should do.

The next step will take Sassari even further, announces the president of the Provincial Council, Alessandra Giudici: "Soon a strategic document will be published with the measures to be taken in the area, a real vademecum of the fight against climate-altering emissions and virtuous actions for increasing the production of energy from renewable sources on the territory".

The actions promoted by the Province of Sassari through the Paes recently delivered to the municipalities range from the installation of photovoltaic panels on municipal buildings to the creation of columns to recharge electric cars, from incentives for the replacement of boat engines to school education projects.

And again, from the creation of information desks for citizens and businesses to support companies in the agricultural sector for the development of plants powered by renewable sources, from the replacement of traffic lights and old street lighting systems to the enhancement of bike sharing services, car sharing and car pooling for residents and tourists.

All this is thanks to whom? Of the Provincial Government certainly, of the Offices for sure but also of the Multiss, a company entirely controlled by the Province, and in particular by Peps, the Energy Point of the Province of Sassari, which is a department of the same company.



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