Renewable Energy Insurance

Renewable Energy Insurance

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Who if not Lloyd's? The renewable energies many things change, including the way we manage the energy business. New opportunities, but also new and different risks compared to the past. And when it comes to risks, one cannot fail to mention insurance. Here because Lloyd’s Italy organized an event in the air TheRenewable Energy Insurance.

Some data before the details. The plants of production of energy from renewable sources have increased both in number in size in recent years, with a trend that is destined to strengthen in the future. The repercussions are important and of various kinds, including the increase in risks related to the procedures production and supply of renewable energy; modalities also significantly different from those of the traditional type.

The event that Lloyd’s Italia organized in Milan on March 5th at the House of Energy in Piazza Po 3 aims to deepen the various aspects of renewable energy insurance by offering participants a useful update on the main issues, opportunities and insurance solutions available on the Lloyd's market.

The appointment is at 2.00 pm with the welcome of Enrico Bertagna, Lloyd’s Country Manager Italy and chairman of the meeting. The intervention of Paolo Silva of the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano on the subject 'The "Role of renewable sources in the current energy scenario and their potential development".

At 15.15 (approximately) Warren Diogo, Ascot Renewco Underwriter will talk about 'Renewable Energy Insurance - A Lloyds Underwriter Perspective'. Immediately after, Valeria Del Villano, Gcube's Assistant Underwriter will talk about 'Challenges and opportunities for the renewable energy sector: the insurance solutions proposed by Gcube'. This will be followed by a debate and an aperitif at the Energy Museum.

Interest? Info and registration a [email protected]

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